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ashxxx - GAME TOTAL (₹582)

ahaxxx - GAME TOTAL (₹1940)

khaxxx - GAME TOTAL (₹145.5)

minxxx - GAME TOTAL (₹38.8)

mdmxxx - GAME TOTAL (₹194)

sahxxx - GAME TOTAL (₹9.7)

rayxxx - GAME TOTAL (₹97)

aktxxx - GAME TOTAL (₹48.5)

rubxxx - GAME TOTAL (₹485)

menxxx - GAME TOTAL (₹1008.8)

anaxxx - GAME TOTAL (₹291)

morxxx - GAME TOTAL (₹291)

019xxx - GAME TOTAL (₹194)

mdaxxx - GAME TOTAL (₹582)

hemxxx - GAME TOTAL (₹97)

013xxx - GAME TOTAL (₹145.5)

minxxx - GAME TOTAL (₹485)

Mdaxxx - GAME TOTAL (₹97)

mdsxxx - GAME TOTAL (₹3395)

sorxxx - GAME TOTAL (₹6.01)


rubxxx -3up single digit ($15)

ajhxxx -3up single digit ($105)

sajxxx -3up single digit ($12)

samxxx -3up single digit ($15)

razxxx -3up single digit ($15)

mr9xxx -3up game total ($11.7)

nayxxx -3up game total ($45)

mdkxxx -3up game total ($225)

alaxxx -3up game total ($18)

mosxxx -3up game total ($27)

tonxxx -3up game total ($90)

farxxx -3up direct & rumble ($100)

nayxxx -3up direct & rumble ($100)

arixxx -3up direct & rumble ($100)

banxxx -3up direct & rumble ($1500)

tarxxx -3up direct & rumble ($100)

najxxx -3up direct & rumble ($100)

ajixxx -3up direct & rumble ($100)

akrxxx -3up direct & rumble ($100)

nobxxx -3up direct & rumble ($500)


Sl.No. Category Rate
1 JORI Rs100 x 9500
2 TRIPLE PATTI Rs100 x 70000
3 DOUBLE PATTI Rs100 x 26000
4 SINGLE PATTI Rs100 x 13000
5 GAME TOTAL Rs100 x 970


Sl.No. Name Rate Discount
1 3up direct & rumble $1x500 20
2 3up single digit $1x3 0
3 3up game total $1x9 0
4 2up direct $1x70 10
5 Down direct $1x80 10
6 Down single digit $1x4 0
7 Down game total $1x9 0
8 3 Up Rumble $1x100 20

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